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Turf Block

Turfstone Permeable Pavers

Turfstone grid pavements allow vegetation to thrive or can be constructed as a permeable paver. Ideal for pedestrian and overflow traffic areas requiring solid traction and/or erosion control. Turfstone blends naturally with the landscape. Its simple open weave design allows for a breathable pavement, making it an environmentally friendly alternative to heat producing solid concrete or asphalt surfaces. Turfstone keeps the green surfaces green!

LEED Eligible Credits

SS - Credit 6.1 Stormwater Design, Quality Control
SS - Credit 6.2 Stormwater Design, Quality Control
SS - Credit 7.1 Heat Island Effect Non-Roof

MR - Credit 2.1 & 2.2 Construction Site Waste Management
MR - Credit 4.1 & 4.2 Recyclable Control
space 4.1 - 10%
space 4.2 - 20% post industrial
MR - Credit 5.1 & 5.2 Regional Materials
space 5.1 - 10%
space 5.2 - 20% extracted and processed
Manufactured regionally, 500 miles


Turf Block Stacked Bond Rannning Bond


Turf Block 2.67 sq. ft. per unit
Specs: 24" x 16" x 3 1/8"
Weight: 58 lbs. approximate
Meets ASTM C1319
Void Opening: 39.9%

Turf Block