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Couch Brick Pavers has been creating stylish driveways for residential and commercial properties throughout greater Tampa Bay, FL. for many years and with great success. Our professional team of driveway designers and contractors has experience in almost any driveway material on the market, from concrete to clay brick pavers to Belgard's range of interlocking pavers and Travertine.

We believe that the presentation of your driveway plays a huge role in the overall impression of your property, for it is often the first feature noticed by people entering your home or business. Therefore, it is paramount that your driveway is installed by a company with extensive experience to ensure best results.

The range of interlocking pavers offers visual appeal, strength and versatility, making them an ideal driveway paver. Not only will your driveways look amazing with a timeless appeal but they will also last a lifetime.

Talk to Couch Brick Pavers today and we will provide you with a range of innovative ideas to revamp your existing or new driveway. Whether you live in Tampa, Brandon, Wesley Chapel, Ocala, Spring Hill or Gainesville we will come to you for a free estimate.

Interlocking concrete driveway pavers have become a very popular choice for homeowners, designers and contractors over the years. And it is no wonder because there are so many benefits to using these types of pavers, particularly for your driveway. Let us list some of the advantages you will gain from using interlocking concrete pavers:

  • Increased aesthetic appeal
  • Endless design options: with a vast range of colors, shapes and sizes available
  • Ease of installation: The 'interlocking' system allows the pavers to be installed simply and also creating a heavy load bearing surface.
  • Low maintenance: Replacing damaged pavers is as simple as pulling up the unwanted paver and replacing with a new one.

At Couch Brick Pavers we believe that you will be delighted with the results of using interlocking concrete driveway pavers. On top of all the benefits mentioned above, they will also last a very long time and so are very cost effective. We want to install you a driveway that not only looks great but will serve you well for many years to come.

At Couch Brick Pavers we specialize in the installation of interlocking travertine driveway pavers. Travertine pavers are a natural stone paver that has become very popular of late. There is really nothing like the look and feel of natural stone pavers like Travertine. Your driveways will be the envy of the entire neighborhood.

Travertine pavers are extremely aesthetically pleasing as they give off an 'old world' classical look. Being a natural stone also means that they will be very durable and perform very well over time. That is what you want out of your driveway pavers: visual flair and longevity. You pay a little more for travertine pavers but the benefits that you will reap over the years will be well worth it in the end.